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High Precision Electrical Calibration Service
In order to make sure that all electric and electronic devices are operating properly and meeting the standards, these must often be calibrated. We can provide high-precision electrical calibration service to ensure the devices are performing to their capabilities.
Industrial Calibration Services
Our professionals can perform industrial calibration services for any industrial equipment and machine, like biomedical equipment or CNC machine. Through these services, business can continue to stay ISO compliant and fulfill their customers requirements.
Blood Bank Equipment Calibration Services
Blood bank equipment calibration services covers the calibration of all blood bank equipment to check whether or not these are accurately operating. Our professionals will carry out the calibration and will provide the calibration report.
Medical Lab Equipment Calibration
All kinds of medical lab equipment can be calibrated under our medical lab equipment calibration service. All critical specifications of the equipment are tested under this service.

Consultancy Services
We are here to provide customers in our products or service a consultancy. Local customers can visit us for consultancy service. Send us an inquiry to avail the service.
Clean Room Validation Service
Clients hailing from healthcare industry can come to us for clean room validation service. Under this service, our professionals can monitor airborne particle count, and conduct tests, like HEPA filter integrity test, contaminant test, light intensity test, etc.
Thermal Calibration Services
Many industries have many instrument that facilitate thermal testing, and these instrument must be calibrated time and again. Our thermal calibration services are reliable, precise and accurate.

Biomedical Equipment Calibration
Our professionals can perform calibration of all kinds of biomedical equipment under our biomedical equipment calibration services. The calibration of these equipment is essential to ensure health and safety of patients.
Thermocouple Sensor
Temperature can be measured accurately using a thermocouple sensor. Industries that uses this sensor are many, for instance pharmaceutical, biotech, power generation and more. Apart from industries, it can be used in scientific applications.

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